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Compostable Bags




Compostable Bags

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What are compostable bags and why are they important?

Compostable lawn and leaf bags allow for the complete recycling of lawn clippings and plant materials into compost and yard mulch. These bags are efficient and ecologically sounds as they reduce the load these materials place on landfills. Micro-organisms attack the biopolymer film bag which allows for complete degradation in just a few weeks. Biopolymer is a material derived from plant sources which when combined with other biodegradable components is able to be broken down under specified conditions of light, moisture, and oxygen.

The compostable bags meet the following specifications:

  • D6400 - ASTM/U.S.
  • EN13432 - Europe

EcoPlastics line of compostable bags are approved by the City of Houston in line with their compostable standards.

Bags are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

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