EcoPlastics - a different kind of plastics company
EcoPlastics - a different kind of plastics company

Fundraising Opportunities

With a “Green” perspective!


In today’s world, with its ever-changing environment, being “Green” is no longer something we can just talk about. It is the way we must live!


However, look at fundraising opportunities for your group, band, team or troop to sell and it’s the same old candy, candles or gift wrap. There is almost nothing that allows you to display your ecological concerns while providing a responsible alternative to the same old, same old!


The Compost-A-Bag by EcoPlastics is about to change all that. Completely sustainable and bearing the City of Houston Seal of Approval for compostability, the Compost-A-Bag offers both an eco-friendly product and a great profit opportunity.


If your group is looking to make up to 50% profit for your fundraising efforts, we need to talk! We will show you how the Compost-A-Bag can help achieve your goals. And, best of all, it will do it in an environmentally-conscience way!

Our Standard Front Panel and the Customized Label that is the back Panel.

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